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Providing a large selection of native trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers for every project for home, large-scale, and contract services. Our nursery has produced over 350,000 plants since its inception utilizing organic and chemical-free practices.



The BRN Native Plant Nursery is a plant and seed propagation/production and research facility. The nursery is located on the northern five acres of the Native Seed/SEARCH farm and includes six growing structures and a small two-acre production field with the ability to expand. The nursery has worked with over 400 species of native plants for the public, federal agencies, and restoration practitioners. A small team of BRN horticulture staff conducts propagation activities at the nursery.


Goals of the BRN Native Plant Nursery include:


  • Providing a regionally diverse selection of plants available for restoration services through contracted grow-outs and sale of plants to the public 

  • Educating the public, partners, and students about native plants of the region, propagation, and their role in biodiversity and land restoration

  • Communicating with partner nurseries to minimize redundancy in plant production and establish protocols that consider all levels of biodiversity

  • Developing and leading research opportunities for regional native plant production, for container and in-ground farm production

  • Providing consultation and training opportunities for professionals and citizens in native plant propagation, greenhouse management, and restoration planting services

  • Coordinating with multiple public and private partners who seek restoration services in order to “get out in front” of restoration needs and accelerate coordinated habitat improvements

Physical Address:

42 San Antonio Rd

Patagonia, AZ 85624

Email:           Phone: 520-276-2483

BRN Native Plant Nursery Services 

The BRN Native Plant Nursery currently has the capacity for 2 acres of in-ground farmed grow outs for seed production and annual production of 100,000 container plants. Services include the following:

Contracted Container Plant Grow-Outs

We offer contract grow-outs for various federal agencies at wholesale pricing for bulk plant purchases. Contact us for details and pricing.

Workshops and Classes

We offer yearly nursery management and propagation class in the spring as well as other native plant classes throughout the year. 


Seed Production from Farmed Native Perennials

We currently do bulk seed grow-outs for the US Forest Service and National Park Service.  Contact us for field grow-out seed production pricing.

Resource Development

Handbooks and manuals for specific species. Growing information for agaves and oaks will be available soon.

Tours & Events

Come visit us year-round for tours, educational opportunities for groups and schools, and special events. Contact us for more details. 


Contact us to make inquiries about any of our services.

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