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This is a mixture of native grasses collected from the Sonoita Creek Watershed. Grass mix includes: Giant Sacaton, Sideoats Grama, Cane Beard Grass, Blue Grama, Sprucetop Grama, Arizona Cottontop, Curly Mesquite, Bulb Panicgrass, Green Sprangletop, Bully Muhly, Deer Grass, and Woolly-Spike Balsamscale. *Species composition subject to change.


Seed packets contain 0.5oz of seed mix each , which will cover an area of about 70 square feet at a seeding rate of 20lbs per acre. We recommend concentrating seed into mulched beds or basins, and combining seeding with rainwater harvesting techniques. 

Sonoita Creek Grass Seed Mix

  • 3000-6000'