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This mix is ideal for Sonoran Desert landscapes at low to mid elevations of 2000-5000 ft and contains all of your favorite spring-blooming desert wildflowers, and then some! This mix contains annual and perennial wildflower seed and can be applied year round, however, for best results apply seed before a good rain event between late September-December. If winter rains are sparse, natural precipitation can be simulated with irrigation by watering enough to simulate at least an inch of rain to trigger germination, and then water regularly (2 times per week) to simulate cumulative rainfall of an inch per month through March.  Expect to see full results after two growing seasons.


This mix includes: Paperflower, Desert Zinnia, Parry's Penstemon, Wild Hyacinth/Scorpionweed, Bladderpod, Mexican Golden Poppy, Desert Chia, Santa Catalina Prairie Clover, Desert Globemallow, Brittlebush, Desert Tobacco, Wild Carrot, Sweetbush, New Mexico Thistle, Spiny Goldenweed, and Hairyseed Bahia. *Species composition is subject to change from year to year.


Seed packets contain 0.3oz of seed mix each, which will cover an area of 40 square feet at a seeding rate of 20lbs per acre. We recommend concentrating seed into mulched beds or basins, and combining seeding with rainwater harvesting techniques. 

Sonoran Desert Spring Seed Mix

  • 2000-5000'