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A mix of annual and perennial native wildflowers that readily germinate and grow in the warm season, and bloom during and after the monsoon rains, reseeding readily in the fall! 


This mix includes:  Common Sunflower, Low Rattlebox, Prairie Sunflower, Camphorweed, Oakleaf Datura, Sacred Datura, Tansyleaf Tansyaster, Sonoran Globe Amaranth, Hoary Tansyaster, Sorrel Buckwheat, Slender Goldenweed, Thurber's Pepperweed, Arizona Sunflower-weed, Scarlet Creeper, Foxtail Dalea, Southwestern Cosmos, Long-leaf False Goldeneye, Lemon Beebalm, and Many-Flowered Skyrocket


Seed packets contain 0.3oz of seed mix each , which will cover an area of 40 square feet at a seeding rate of 20lbs per acre. Seed may be applied year round, but expect best results when applied with the onset of monsoon rains or with supplemental irrigation. We recommend concentrating seed into mulched beds or basins, and combining seeding with rainwater harvesting techniques, planting where moisture can collect. 

Monsoon Wildflower Seed Mix

  • 2000-6000'